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Welcome to Taiwan Information for Expats!


Mission Statement:

I have developed this website in order to help expatriates living in Taiwan find useful information via the Internet. This page is also being designed to help those people who are interested in learning more about Taiwan or thinking about coming to here for travel or business.  This web site lists several useful websites (that are currently not organized) and other information to help you live a better life in Taiwan.  There is also a special section devoted to those people wanting to get married to Taiwanese.  I hope that if you have information to share with others you will email it to me and I will post your information.  I will continue to add information and features to this website as I find it and have time to add it. Check back often. If you have any questions or problems with this website please contact me at


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Web Sites

Taiwan Information

Taiwan-Oriented Online Community


Helpful Marriage Websites

Foreigner Work Permit Details - Updated March 3, 2002

Information for US Citizens

Residency Rights in Taiwan



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